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Rosemary Claire

Intentional Creativity©


 I live in Southwest Florida along Spring Creek where the mangroves meet the Gulf of Mexico. My own path as an artist and guide has led me to experience awe and gratitude with the moment to moment experiences in nature here, where fire and water have shaped the environment. I hold a certificate as an Intentional Creativity© coach and teacher and have years experience as an AMI© Montessori guide and art instructor. I am also a Florida Master Naturalist and lead tours through some of our unique preserves. As an Intentional Creativity© coach, I offer inquiry based classes to connect others with their own inner guide.


Creating Art From the Heart

As an artist, my themes are the Tree of Life and Wild Girls of the woods, wetlands and coastal communities. I paint with acrylics and some collage on canvas and wood. My metal prints can be purchased at FineArtAmerica.  


As teacher, my path is to share what I've learned about the creative process with you! This approach to inquiry, using both images and words, engages both sides of the brain and enhances our ability to access our dreams, knowledge and intuition. I've worked with people of all ages and backgrounds. Please browse through my offerings for a class that is right for you!

Each new moon and full moon, I take small groups out for a ramble into one of our local preserves for a chance to photograph or sketch our observations.

With my classes I encourage the participants to use the lines, forms, colors and textures they see in their local ecosystem. Each habitat here is rich with variety! Within that variety are symbols that call to us. Discovering those symbols can be enlightening!

"Rosemary, I have a name for your journaling class...Soul Work!"


Rosemary Claire Allen    Tel: 239-293-0712      email:

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