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Have You Noticed?

Invitation by

Rosemary Claire

Have you noticed?


They are in your yard, your neighborhood and in your dreams. Maybe it’s the embrace I once felt from grandmother oak, the largest oak I had ever seen that made me think there was more to this tree. My arms barely covered a third of her girth. Her limbs gracefully reached down to the ground and rooted themselves there, which made it that much easier for the children to climb up her skirts and sit in her lap.

When I was younger I always felt that those wild cherry tree limbs that I loved so much, were lifting me up onto the shoulders of the tree so I could see above the crown. Then there are those willows, dancing in place in and out of each other’s hair here at the edge of the swamp. In each instance I felt nurtured and supported in my wildness.

The examples are many, can you name a few? If you are as intrigued about TREE WOMEN as I am, please, take a look at my Intentional Creativity© offering this month. Painting a TREE WOMAN can reveal as much about yourself as the tree you are painting. No art training required, just a curious spirit.

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