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May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.

~ John O’Donohue ~

Do you ever just feel like the air or the trees or the bird or the mammal that comes to visit you unexpectedly? Or do you break out into conversations with them or do you just like to observe?

I find myself very tied to the environment...seeing my journey with my thoughts, emotions and perceptions reflected in the natural world. I think I received this from both of my parents who received it from theirs and so forth. I hope I can pass this curious connection on to you....

This moon is waxing now. It has been a month of blossoming for me, of discovering wildflowers on a vacant lot, even finding a little wildness inside myself.

This is a moon of renewing my healing rituals such as stretching and eating whole foods and drinking medicinal teas and finding good friends to hang with.The dandelion with its’ healing roots grows everywhere in my yard and has brought me some great healing with my digestion!

What healing have you discovered for yourself this month? What connections to the natural world do you see yourself a part of? How would you describe those connections? Are you finding some sweetness to nourish your soul? Here is a poem I wrote last month that describes what I feel...

I love the dew I find in the morning blessed with the songs of warblers Is it an elixir? Do I drink it? An ointment? Do I bless my wounds with it? From below, above, from within?

Are these tears from an unknown being? Or my own joy? ©Rosemary Claire

This month I am offering a intentional creativity painting class on the Hummingbird. These classes use art materials and prompts to open the imagination, granting us access to discovering another aspect of ourselves ... It’s fun! Hope you will give it a try!

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