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Food for the Soul

The sound of the rain this new moon was such a relief after our long cycle of drought! There are changes to notice this time of year that tell you that the new cycle of wet is about to appear and this week was no exception.

When rain is around the corner you might hear the frogs call out or you might notice more dragonflies than usual. And of course, there is that depressive heat and humidity softened only with the sensual fragrance of jasmine and fiddle wood in the air, not to mention the gardenias and moon flowers! There always seem to be more blooms before the rain…mmm, wonder why that is…

The growth spurt after a rain is also remarkable, the vines in particular seem to be having a race for the light. Some of them like the passion vines, Dutchman’s pipe-vine and the white twine vine are host plants for different butterflies and now the garden is full of zebra longings, gulf fritillaries, monarch, queen and soldier butterflies laying eggs on these plants for their larvae to feast on.

We had a gator wander in our pond, no doubt in search of frogs and the anoles are relishing assorted insects. The bobcats are going after rabbits and the hawks are finding squirrels. It’s a smorgasbord out there!

I am also looking for nourishment of sorts. I am open to leaving my comfort zone of a familiar neighborhood so I will be traveling and marketing my work in new neighborhoods! For many of us this is a also a time to grab a good book to feed our minds and/or souls. One friend recently recommended a book for me to read. She’s knows I’m a nature girl and perhaps you are too! I love the book! It’s called Lab Girl, a story of a geobiologist who spent her life studying trees, flowers, seeds and soil by Hope Jahren. Her stories of determination and courage are told with humor…a reminder to keep reaching for what you love!

Painting my longing with the image of the hummingbird...

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