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Wild Flower Moon

Please forgive this late posting. Spring brought some unexpected health issues but all is right now…As I look around through my neck of the woods I notice that this is the season for delicious color in even the driest of places. It’s as if life is rebelling and pushing forward despite the low rainfall. The seed bank of wildflowers is exploding in my yard and in the pine uplands that surround my house. And of course, that brings a variety of pollinators and the birds that feast on them. Taking in the colors and sounds is an invigorating tonic and as I gaze into the small pool of fresh water still lingering in the cypress, I am reminded that I am also a part of this beauty, as are you…so with that awareness, I encourage all of you to engage in some self-care activities so that you ,too, might bloom and feast on your surroundings!! Stay Well!

Here are three suggestions that given to me by my friend and teacher, Shiloh Sophia.

1. Throat/Voice Hum : Bring your attention your throat - thanking it for all that it does for you. Summon a small but mighty hum in the back of your throat and imagine it is love, making room for more of your own voice to emerge.

2. Heart Light : Imagine that you can see your heart field going out 15 feet all around you. Just say hello and pretend you can see it ripple in response, see color, light, movement and be with it. Notice how you feel.

3. Star Hand : Look at your hands. Imagine you can see the stardust beneath the skin coming out of your palms. Trace the lines in your hands as if they are constellations. Give gratitude for all that your hands do for you. Ask, where do my hands naturally want to go today?

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