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Joyful Moon

Do you believe in miracles? The 26th of February brought a new moon and with it the remembrance of past new moons during this time of year. This month has been a time for me to be thankful for the many miracles I have experienced in my life and for those yet to come. Even when I was at my lowest, a miracle of a friend reminded me that I had so much to be thankful for. When I took time to share that gratitude with those that made a difference in my life, my eyes opened and I came across a Chinese proverb, that for this nature girl, set me back on track with an intention to keep me awake to even the smallest of miracles.

If I keep a green bough in my heart then the singing bird will come.

My green bough became a painting and poetry practice that I now endeavor to share with others. Intentional Creativity helped me discover that faith in myself and my connection with The Mystery or The Divine Nature in all of life. I feel blessed with the images that come to me now as I hold that green bough and listen for the birds to fill me with joy! Those images and the connections I make with others are the “miracles” for me; moments that keep me joyful, grateful and buoyant as I ride this river of life!

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