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Grounding Moon

My Dear Creative Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the year of the Fire Rooster. What does that mean for you?

For me this new moon is a grounding moon This is my time to become more aware of where I’m standing, what I stand for and how to keep that awareness throughout the year.

My good friend , Bridget, reminded me of a rooster she used to have called Papa Roo. That rooster was exceptional as roosters go. He always crowed with the rising sun, protected the hens from predators, and doggedly found the juiciest worms and grubs for them. He was proud of his life on the ground and it showed!

As I think about his life, I think of my own and where I stand and what I stand for. There is so much in this life that I care deeply about but if I distill it down to one passion that would have to be for an individual’s right to connect with the natural world. I discovered long ago how that access can connect me to my soul, my Divine nature, my God, my mystery, or to The Mystery. to that which is larger than myself and to which I am connected. This connection brings me inspiration, curiosity, the need to love and to know myself. My awareness is expanded and with it, the ability to listen deeply. Those threads of connection eventually lead to all of my other passions.

Winter is falling behind me now and spring is soon to come. The sap is still slow to move this time of year and this month's dark nightfalls makes it easy for me to sit back and feel my roots. I feel gratitude for the love shared and the experiences that have expanded my awareness.

As I awaken on this new moon morning, lizards are warming up and the dragonflies have just dropped out of the branches and taken flight.

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