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I See The Moon

Are you ready to begin a new adventure this year or have you changed direction and feel a little lost? Or are you looking for signposts to keep you on course? Today is the full moon and as I sit back and feel its presence I am reminded of how much I feel a part of the natural world. As I look for a new direction or refine the one I’m on, I am reminded to sit back, close my eyes and take the natural world in with all of my senses, letting go of any worries, second thoughts, anxieties or apprehensions I might have. Before the light of this moon fades try swimming under this light if you live in a warm climate or if you are in a cold one maybe a hot tub would be more appropriate. Open to the oneness with all that is, let go and send out your wishes and/or prayers. Howling and singing work well too! Le the beauty that is the moonlit night embrace You!

Before I begin any creative project I always check in with each one of my senses and being in a moonlit night accentuates them all. I thought I only had five senses but apparently there are more...

If you are curious about your senses, here is a link to get you started...I’m sure you can find more!

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