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Who Calls For You?

As of this writing, the new phase of the moon is called Waxing Gibbous and the moon is 60% of full. My New Moon's intention to create more joy is coming to fruition with my action of simply smiling more often! My DREAM from the joy that I feel

is to connect others to the voice of their soul through the inspiration that nature gives us.

Walking by the swamp I heard a familiar call of the Barred Owl, “what cooks for you, what cooks for you all?” At first I changed this familiar wording to words that spoke to me more clearly...who calls for you? what calls for you all?...but then I realized I was looking for inspiration.

It’s an important question and one I think we have all heard at one time or another in our lives. So if you are drawn to this inquiry, if you hear a calling, or if you are the one calling out...or if you are like me and looking for inspiration, close your eyes and imagine....what you hear in response as you ask your question....

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